"Teaching a Child not to step on a Caterpillar is as beneficial to the Child as it is to the Caterpillar"  Bradley Miller

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Healthy Pets

Helpful tips for your dog or cat.


There are many subjects to cover in keeping your beloved pet happy and healthy.  Here are a few hints to get you started.  Visit our links page or call the shelter anytime for more information on solution for those pesky behavioral problems.

1.) Exercise is the best way to solve behavioral issues between humans and pets.  If you are having difficulty getting results from your hard work on obedience training, try again after a long walk with your dog or a play session with your cat's favorite toy.

2.) Regular check-ups with your veterinarian will keep Fido and Fluffy in top health.  Just like human babies, baby pets need preventative health care.  There are several vaccines that will dramatically reduce your pets chances of contracting deadly diseases.  Call your veterinarian for details.

3.) More pets die every year in our country from being unclaimed in animal shelters than all other diseases combined.  This is why proper, up-to-date identification is your pet's ticket home to you.  There are several forms of ID you can use.  Name tags with your phone number or an embroidered (or permanent marker) name and phone number on your pets collar are common forms of ID.  Micro chipping is another increasingly popular method of ID.  This permanent chip is placed under the animals skin, and is no more painful than routine vaccination.  Many animal shelters including the Seward Animal Shelter have scanning devices that tell us who the animal belongs to.

4.)  Spay and neutering!!  This simple surgery performed by your veterinarian will help save lives, keep your pet healthy and generally reduces behavioral problems.  There is no question that your pet is the best one in the whole world....to you.  Millions of animals are euthanized (Humanely killed) because there just aren't enough homes.  Being a responsible pet owner means helping the cause for all animals.  Avoid unwanted pregnancies by spay and neutering your pets.  Your veterinarian can also discuss with you the many health benefits of spay and neutering like avoiding mammary and prostate cancer.

5.) Good Nutrition, fresh water and lots of TLC.  You are what you eat and so are our pets- A high quality dog and cat food make a big difference in the overall health of your pet.  Sure premium quality pet foods do cost a bit more than the bargain brands, but what you save in food you will spend at the vet's office in the future!  Do you and your pet a favor and feed them well!

Saves Lives!  Spay and neuter and adopt homeless pets!