"Teaching a Child not to step on a Caterpillar is as beneficial to the Child as it is to the Caterpillar"  Bradley Miller

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Shelter News

Through a wonderful Humane Society of the United States Program called "Shelter Partners"  we have joined the Hill'sŪ Science Diet Shelter Nutrition Program.  Through this program we agree to feed exclusively Science Diet dog and cat foods. 

This fabulous opportunity to feed to quality nutritious food to our shelter residents will provide many benefits, and we hope all those who adopt pets from us continue to feed this well-balanced diet for the entirety of their pet's life. 

Why is the right food so important?

Hill's Science Diet is developed by veterinarians who know the essential nutrients your pet needs.  A healthy diet that supports a strong immune system helps our pets live longer, healthier lives with us.  This makes us all happy!  In addition, Hill's Science Diet ingredients are highly digestible, so your pet receives all the important building blocks for health.  Better absorption means less mess out the other end...that makes us all happy too!

Come to the shelter anytime to talk to a nutrition counselor for any questions about nutritional requirements for your four-legged best friend!

Thanks to the Avid company, The Seward Animal Shelter is now an official scanning facility.  This means you can permanently identify your pet with a "Friend Chip" and your pet can be easily identified at our facility even if he or she loses their collar.  Animals adopted from our shelter are microchipped before going to their new home.

Call the Shelter to inquire about more information for your pet.


Respect your neighbors! Pick up after your dog.  Help keep our community Clean and sanitary!


Saves Lives!  Spay, neuter and adopt homeless pets!