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Lost Pets



The following photographs show animals in the shelter which were found "running at large" in the Seward area.  If you recognize an animal as yours or someone you know then give us a call at the Shelter on 224-7495 .   

(Click on the picture to enlarge)

There are no unclaimed animals at this time!

The shelter is one of the first places called when pets are lost or found! So if you have lost or found a pet in the Seward area, please give the animal shelter a call at 224-7495 and we will log your information.

Another great resource is Dog Gone News 224-6000, which airs weekdays on K-Wave listing lost and found pets around the Kenai Peninsula.  You can also list your lost or found pet on line at K-wave's website: http://www.ksrm.com/dog_gone/all_dog_gone.htm

Also call Seward Animal Clinic at 224-5500.

Remember to keep proper identification on your pet. Even the biggest homebodies find themselves in precarious situations at times. City licenses are available and required for all dogs living within city limits.  Pet identification tags are available at Fred Meyers and mail order forms.  Nylon collars can be embroidered or marked with your pet's name and number.  Permanent Microchipping is also a wonderful way to keep your pet identified.  Don't be caught unprepared, be proactive about keeping your pet safe.


Saves Lives!  Spay and neuter and adopt homeless pets!